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Dax Harwood Teases A Match Against Edge And Christian Is More Possible Than People Think

Is Dax Harwood teasing the eventual reunion of Edge and Christian Cage in the world of professional wrestling?

All Elite Wrestling‘s Dax Harwood recently sat down with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Edge and Beth Phoenix doing the Shatter Machine at WWE‘s Elimination Chamber premium live event, Harwood said he wasn’t expecting it because Beth wasn’t confident she could pull the move off.

“No, no idea. But the Shatter Machine going into that, I was training with those guys all the way to that match,” Dax Harwood said. “And I was helping them get ready for the match and throwing out ideas and things like that. And I said, ‘You know what would be cool? If you guys hit the Shatter Machine.’ And Edge said, ‘Well, funny enough, we were gonna surprise you guys and do the Shatter Machine. But Beth is kind of worried that she’s not going to be able to jump as high to connect. And we’ve never done it before.’

“And I said, ‘Yeah, it’s pretty easy.’ And so what they were going to do is they were going to hit the 3D as a tribute to The Dudley Boyz and the ladder matches and stuff like that. They’re gonna hit 3D. And he told me that, actually, that moment in the match is when they wanted to do the Shatter Machine, but she was worried that she couldn’t hit it.

“So I said, let’s pull up the crash pad. And I just showed her the movement that Cash does with the jumping knees, the Codebreaker, or whatever. And she jumped up, but we didn’t practice a move. I think the only time they ever actually did it was on television, on the pay-per-view, but she practiced, and she was still very doubtful. So I just thought they had settled on 3D. And so that came out of nowhere as well. But no, we never get a heads-up. I think it’s more than a wink and a nod to us.

“I think it’s a thank you because we helped Beth get ready for her Wrestlemania match. When her and Nattie wrestled Sasha and Bayley and The IIconics. And we helped Adam get ready. We were with him when he took his very first bump before he even went to his doctor to be cleared. He wanted to see how it felt. And then we helped him get ready for his comeback. So I think more than anything it’s just a thank you two, and I love you guys.”

When asked about a potential match against Edge and Christian in the future, Harwood implied that was more of a possibility than people think.

“You know, the Edge and Christian thing. I’ll just say that’s more of a possibility than people think,” Dax Harwood teased.

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What do you make of Dax Harwood’s comments? Would you like this see this tag team dream match at some point? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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