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Dax Harwood Explains Why He Believes FTR Weren’t Considered ‘Triple H Guys’

While Dax Harwood knows that Triple H was a fan of The Revival, he doesn’t think they were ever considered his guys.

On the latest episode of FTR with Dax Harwood, the All Elite Wrestling star spoke about his time in WWE working under Triple H and explained why he believes himself and Cash Wheeler were never considered Hunter guys.

“I’ve said it before we were never Hunter guys, and I’ll hold on to that until the day we retire. But we were not Hunter guys,” Dax Harwood said. “I do believe that we were one of his favorites skill-wise, talent-wise. I think we were, but we weren’t one of the guys I think he wanted to build the company around or the brand around.

“I think he understood what we offered. I think he understood how — this is egotistical, but how good we were in the ring. The stories we could tell, and I think he knew that we could be a piece of the puzzle, but I don’t think he wanted us to be the whole puzzle. Like he loved Gargano, and he loved Ciampa, he loved those guys. He loved Fergal [Finn Balor]; those were his guys.

“So when I say we weren’t his guys, it’s not that he wasn’t a fan of ours or we weren’t any of his favorite in-ring guys. It’s just we weren’t the guys that I think he wanted to build the company around. Like I said before, Ciampa, we were out for a couple of weeks. Both of us got injured while I had surgery, and Ciampa was a little banged up. And Hunter would call or text him and ask how are things going.

“I had surgery, and I’m sitting at home, and I’m trying to rush back because we got to come back to drop belts to Gargano and Ciampa. And I heard nothing; you know what I mean? So we weren’t Hunter guys, and I don’t hold any ill feelings towards him because of that. We just weren’t. But I do think that he was a fan of our work. I know he was, he told us, and I think that he was a fan of us as talents, just not who he necessarily wanted to build the company around.”

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What do you make of Dax Harwood’s comments? Are you surprised that FTR weren’t considered to be Triple H guys while they were with WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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