cavinder twins
Photo Credit: WWE

The Cavinder Twins’ Agent Comments On Their WWE Status

The Cavinder Twins (Hanna and Haley Cavinder) are set to start training with WWE.

The college basketball stars signed NIL deals with WWE in 2021. The following year, they transferred from Fresno State to Miami. The duo recently announced that they are forgoing their fifth year of NCAA eligibility and starting a new chapter.

Speaking with Colin Salao of The Street, the Cavinder Twins’ agent Jeff Hoffman of Everett Sports Marketing noted that they will start training at the WWE Performance Center in the spring. Hoffman stated that this will mark the first time the twins have in-rig training with the company, but they are “open to exploring” further opportunities if the circumstances lined up.

“The potential — what could be — I think they’d be excited if that type of opportunity presented itself for them to be main features in the WWE,” Hoffman said. “WWE fans provide such positive comments, feedback, and energy to the twins.”

Fans will have to wait and see whether the Cavinder Twins will fully join the WWE Universe at some point.