Pro Wrestling Revolution

Pro Wrestling Revolution Fundraises For San Francisco High School

Pro Wrestling Revolution, an outfit in San Jose, California, has been helping a high school in San Francisco with fundraisers, a move that those involved say is everything to the school.

For years, John O’Connell Technical High School — a school in the Mission District of San Francisco — has been the venue for a Pro Wrestling Revolution show, which has also doubled as a fundraiser for the school.

Speaking to The San Francisco Standard, social science teacher and co-organizer of the event Samantha Aguirre praised the wrestling promotion, noting that the proceeds for the events (which typically are upward of $5,000) net more than most of their other fundraising efforts, and will help pay for things like the school’s prom.

“It’s hard for schools to fundraise,” Aguirre said. “We don’t have the kind of family base that’s able to dedicate money. When we think about schools—high school, especially—we think about these quintessential high school experiences. It’s just kind of a given.”

The owner of Pro Wrestling Revolution, Gabriel Ramirez, is happy to continue the fundraiser, something that happens annually. According to Ramirez, the show acts as a bit of home for some of the families, many of whom are Latino and get a chance to come and see luchadores they grew up watching or are now fans of.

“You’re bringing a little bit of home to them,” Ramirez said. “A lot of the time, I’ve had fans coming up to me. It’s always been a parent bringing a young kid saying, ‘I used to watch this as a kid.’ It does come full circle.”

Pro Wrestling Revolution’s Gabriel Ramirez previously spoke with WrestleZone for the annual “Best For The Business” feature. Ramirez spoke about creating in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as his history in the wrestling business and PWR’s place in the Bay Area wrestling scene.