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Ricochet Believes That Iron Man Would ‘Smoke’ Batman In A Fight, MVP Agrees

Ricochet is starting wars between DC and Marvel fans on social media this weekend.

SmackDown Superstar Ricochet recently was a guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a wide variety of subjects. During the interview, the two got into it about Batman, and Ricochet had some really wild takes regarding the iconic DC superhero.

“But out in the open, I don’t mess with Batman,” Ricochet said. “Because ya’ll be giving him too much credit. Y’all think he’s just the best. Ya’ll been giving him too much credit. Wolverine would smoke Batman. Iron Man would smoke Batman. You’re crazy. Tony Stark made all of his stuff; Batman had Morgan Freeman make all his stuff.”

It didn’t take long for another WWE Superstar to come to Ricochet’s defense on social media as RAW Superstar MVP agreed with his assessment.

“He’s right. *Shrugging emoji*,” MVP said in a tweet.

When some fans pointed out the fact that Batman can defeat any opponent he has time to prepare for and that he would simply hack Tony Stark’s suit, Ricochet insisted this was impossible and that no one could hack Stark.

It’s clear that WWE Superstar isn’t that much of a comic book fan, as Stark’s armor gets hacked all the time. Even as recently as last year when Black Cat hacked his armor and used it against him. You can read about how wrong Ricochet is by clicking here.

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What do you make of Ricochet’s comments? Do you think Batman could defeat Iron Man in a fight if he had time to prepare? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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