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Omos Describes How He Fell In Love With Anime

Omos explains how he became interested in anime.

Ahead of WWE Backlash, Omos spoke to CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri forSHAK Wrestling about a variety of topics. During the interview, Omos revealed how he discovered anime as a kid in Nigeria.

“Back when I was a kid in Nigera, we had cable and it was pretty expensive,” Omos said. “But we had local channels, so what happened was he had adult programming for most of the day, and after 3 or 3:30, once we got back from school, we had a solid block where we could watch cartoons.

“I remember coming home and that block, we would watch Samurai X, but in Japan, they called it Rurouni’s Kenshin. It’s a samurai who became a good guy with a scar on his face and now he’s being hunted for all his best transgressions. That just made me fall in love with the genre, and that’s what really started my love for anime in Nigeria. That was the first publisher I ever watched in Nigeria.”

Omos competed in a high-profile match at WWE Backlash, as he faced Seth Rollins. catch up on our coverage of the show here.

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