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PCO Wants To Utilize Electricity In A Future Match In IMPACT Wrestling

PCO has some crazy ideas of what he’d like to do in the future at IMPACT Wrestling.

Ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Under Siege, PCO sat down with WrestleZone’s Managing Editor, Bill Pritchard, to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about utilizing social media to further enhance his character, PCO took the chance to praise the things that IMPACT has been doing with his character in recent months.

“Well, just for an example, I think IMPACT — the huge difference, just look at my entrance with IMPACT,” PCO began. “You’ve got the fog spot; the TV is black and white TV, even if you’re watching it in color. It’s 1931 Frankenstein, the smoke, everything that’s needed to make it look like 1931,” PCO said. “I think that’s awesome. That was never done before. And we’re just like touching the tip of the iceberg with it.

“And always there’s so much more we can do. We’ve used the jumper cables before we used the car battery before, but I don’t think we have done it on a larger stage or something to really explore it as much as we could have explored it. I think there’s room there to explore this side of the character that was just touching on the surface. Just on top of the iceberg, like I said, I think that wasn’t really explored to the maximum.

“So I think creatively, IMPACT’s been doing a great job. Like the desert with Eddie [Edwards] and all those things like the Last Rites match, and then it seems like we’re building up to something even larger and bigger, and I feel like there’s room for it. But I feel like the creative team is really doing like an awesome job so far, but there’s so much gas under the pedal.”

When asked if there are any matches in IMPACT he’d like to do that he hasn’t done yet, PCO said he wants to use electricity if possible in a future match with the company.

“Yeah, I’d like to somehow be able to use the electricity to create something like I would come into the ring chained up, and then Destro would unchain me and put the chain on the top turnbuckle,” PCO said. “Not a long setup, but if there’s something where I need more power, more electricity, or whatever. You can put the cables on the chain, and I can grab the chains, and I’m getting electrocuted.

“And then, as soon as I would touch my opponent, it’ll be like a heart attack or something like that. Then you can put Destro in a cage, or you can have so many stipulations where you can do other things, and that I think creatively it’s on that, there’s so much potential.

“You can go in so many directions like the sky’s the limit with what you can do with this character. I think we have done a lot so far, but we haven’t done that much in a way. So that’s my feeling about my character. I feel like it could be even bigger than it is right now.”

When asked if he has a dream match for the PCO character, he says that fans are always looking for matches against people like Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker, but he’s really happy with the way he’s being treated right now in IMPACT Wrestling.

“I think every time that there’s something going on, I can see the fans; they always come up with names,” PCO said. “And it’s always the same ones—basically, [Bray] Wyatt, or Taker, or Kane, or Abyss. Sting, I’ve seen those tags, you know, the people tagging those names. That’s the names that most often are getting tagged with my name for dream matches.

“So I don’t know; I’m just focusing on what I can control and what can be possible. But yeah, it’s good to dream sometimes, but I’m really, really happy with the way that IMPACT’s been treating me lately over the last two years. Everything that they’ve done with me, I think it’s pretty awesome.”

You can watch our full interview with PCO in the video below:

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What do you make of PCO’s comments? Would you like to see him get electrocuted in a future match in IMPACT Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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