PCO Will Create An Even Larger Legacy With An IMPACT World Title Win

PCO is ready to cement his legacy in professional wrestling at IMPACT Under Siege.

IMPACT Wrestling‘s PCO recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. PCO has won many titles in his career, including the Ring Of Honor World Championship in December 2019.

When asked about his title shot against Steve Maclin at IMPACT Under Siege, PCO said winning the IMPACT World Championship would create a more significant legacy for his character.

“Well, I think the big reason why this one is so special is I feel like the way we’ve managed to portray PCO is not the French Canadian Frankenstein or Perfect Creation One. It’s just 100 steps ahead of what I’ve done before with Ring of Honor or any other promotions,” PCO said. “So it’s been the build-up of the persona PCO has been so extreme, so well done.

“So creatively perfect that I feel it’s great timing. Yeah, it’s super, super important for me. This one means a lot because if you get all those titles together, and you add IMPACT on top of that, I mean, it just creates a larger legacy, or legend, or whatever. Whatever the expression, but yeah, for me, it’s a must. It’s a very, very important thing to accomplish to become IMPACT World Champion.”

IMPACT Under Siege will take place at the Western Fair District Agriplex in London, Ontario, Canada. When asked about being able to compete for the IMPACT World Championship in his home country, PCO called it a rare opportunity and emphasized how great it is that IMPACT is making an effort to appear in different towns across Canada over the next couple of years.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s very, very rare. With Ring of Honor’s company, when we went to Toronto, we had a world title match in Toronto, where I didn’t win the first time, but that was just Toronto,” PCO said. “And that was about it about the Canadian Tour, and also, now it’s going to be the second time in Windsor since Slammiversary, Under Siege for a world title.

“For me, the opportunity to become world champion for IMPACT is so, so big and a great opportunity. There’s talk about other towns too, eventually in Canada, and maybe Montreal eventually. So maybe at the end of 2023 or 2024. So it’s quite huge. It’s quite big.”

In addition to Canada, IMPACT will also be heading to Australia later this summer. PCO said it’s been a long time since he’s competed over there, but when he did, it helped launch Total Nonstop Action Wrestling which has turned into the IMPACT Wrestling that we all know today.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time. Yeah, I was there. I did a tour with All-Star Wrestling back then; I was a rock and roll promoter. Off that tour, that’s how TNA took off because Jeff Jarrett was on that tour, hooked up with that promoter, and then hooked up with other people, but it all started over, and I think that discussion about started — when I first heard about TNA, Total Nonstop Action or IMPACT Zone, or starting the company,” PCO said. “That was in Australia because I was on that tour with Jeff Jarrett back then and Nathan Jones, Sid Vicious, Sabu, and a bunch of other guys. It was a great tour. I mean, we sold almost like the three places that we went; we went to Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

“So that was a treat that we did, and we’re all good, so I’ve had a lot of people like on the independent scene contacting me who they really wanted to have PCO big time last year. It’s been like three or four years, and then the pandemic happened, and then I’ve been exclusive for a while, and so it’s just, I couldn’t make it, and then for me, it’s awesome the fact that I’m gonna do it with IMPACT Wrestling.

“So I think the fans have been waiting to see me for the last four or five years, and this is going to be an opportunity to do it with the company that I’m under contract with. I didn’t even see it coming. I just found out when you found out, maybe three or four days ago, that I found out. I was so surprised.”

Watch our full interview with PCO below:

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