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Saraya On Potential ‘Fighting With My Family’ Sequel: We Need Another One

Saraya comments on a potential sequel to Fighting with My Family.

Saraya, formerly known as Paige, became a remarkably successful star during her time with WWE. Her rise to the top was featured in the film Fighting with My Family, which was released in 2019. The story in the movie concluded with Saraya’s WWE RAW debut. In real life, she was forced to retire due to injuries in 2018. Saraya later signed with AEW in 2022 and returned to the ring at AEW Full Gear 2022.

Speaking on The Corner Podcast, Saraya was asked whether she felt Fighting with my Family came too early. She noted that a sequel could explore the “weird” things that happened after she won the WWE Divas Championship. Saraya also described how she would want her brother, Zak Zodiac, to get his own movie because he has a special story.

“We need another one,” Saraya said. “It needs to not be just PG. It needs to go up a level because the stuff that we went through, it gets weird. It gets very weird. So I feel like it cannot be PG. it needs to be up a level. If it had to be about me, I would definitely want it to be like the darker version, the part two of what happened after I won the Divas Championship, and the rock bottom and all that kind of stuff.

“But also I would want one on my brother Zak because I thought that he had such a special story in there too, where WWE never gave him the chance, never. He did so many tryouts, so many, and he’s never stopped. He’s never just gave up his dream.”

Saraya then stated that she got her brother a visa, and it should be coming in August. She emphasized that he is the ultimate underdog because he has never given up on his dream, though no one has given him a chance.

“I remember coming to AEW, when I had my first match back, he supported me, he flew over from the UK, he trained with me the whole week, he came to the show,” Saraya said. “He gave up his bookings, his payday to be there for me. Then Tony was awesome. He saw Zak, he was going to his office, turned around, and went straight to me and said, ‘Hey Zak.’ Zak’s just like, ‘Hey.’ I was talking to [Tony], I was like, ‘Maybe we can get him a dark match today.’ He’s just like, ‘Do you have a visa?’ He was like, ‘No.’ He was like, ‘Get a visa, you can be on all the dark matches you want.’

“I was just like, oh my gosh. I bought Zak a visa, so it should be in August sometime. We did the expedited process. I would like to have a sequel on Zak because he’s the true underdog. There was an underdog story, yes, but no one’s fought as hard for this wrestling dream than my brother. He’s like the biggest underdog in wrestling. I’m telling you, no one’s ever given him the chance that he deserves.”

It’s unclear how a potential sequel to Fighting with My Family would work, as WWE Studios was one of the prediction companies on the first film, and Saraya is now signed to AEW.

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