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Skye Blue Reveals What She Learned From Mickie James While Working On NWA Empowerrr

Skye Blue discusses her experience working with Mickie James.

Before she became an official roster member of All Elite Wrestling, Skye Blue worked her way through the independent circuit. In 2021, Blue received opportunities to perform on some higher platforms, including AEW and the National Wrestling Alliance. Blue’s arrival to NWA was greeted with a string of losses, but on August 28, she bounced back to secure her first win.

Wrestling on the pre-show of NWA’s first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view, Empowerrr, Blue defeated Christi Jaynes. Empowerrr, of course, was spearheaded by “Hardcore Country” legend Mickie James, who served as the show’s executive producer. During a recent appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Skye Blue spoke about what she’s learned from the veteran performer.

“[Mickie] pays attention to the little thing,” Blue began. “So, when we were running the match by her, because I wrestled Christi Jaynes, we both had the Lucha background, so we wanted to play on that. Not a lot of people have as much Lucha background as us and we were the first match. So, we’re like, ‘Oh, we want to like do something different’. It was a short pre-show match, so we didn’t want to take anything from the main card.”

“Even the little things, she was like, ‘Well, your entrance is still huge part of the wrestling match other than just the wrestling.’ So even the little details, on our entrance, on our beauty shot, and stuff like that, she was paying close attention to. I won a roll up I think, and she was like, ‘Make sure you roll out of the ring and then you celebrate.’ Because you’re like, ‘Holy crap, I just won,’ you don’t want to get out of dodge because she’s a heel. But how close attention she paid to the little things and how the little things add up in the end. It was really cool. And she was super hands-on, which was dope.”

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