Image Credit: NJPW

Toni Storm Helps Juice Robinson Beat Fred Rosser At NJPW Resurgence

AEW star Toni Storm appeared at NJPW Resurgence.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling held its NJPW Resurgence event on May 21, and Fred Rosser battled Juice Robinson in a grudge match that brought their heated feud to new heights. They clashed in a violent street fight that featured plenty of weapons. Robinson was left a bloody mess, and he was seemingly seconds away from defeat, as Rosser was about to go for his finisher. Storm snuck into the ring and went for a low blow, but Rosser pulled out a cup. He kissed an unwilling Storm before Robinson hit him below the belt.

Robinson and Storm then ganged up on Rosser, and while he tried to persevere, the numbers game proved to be too much for him. In the end, Storm broke a bottle over his head and hit him with the Storm Zero. Robinson then clinched the win with a DDT onto a chair.

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