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Tony Schiavone Says His AEW Contract Is Up In April 2024

Tony Schiavone provides an update on his contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Schiavone had a prominent run with WCW for many years until WWE bought the company in 2001. He later stepped away from wrestling until he started working for Major League Wrestling in 2017. Schiavone wrapped up with MLW in 2019 and he signed with AEW. He has been with the company ever since, and in 2022. Schiavone also works as a senior producer, and he has a role in talent relations.

Speaking on his What Happened When podcast, co-host Conrad Thompson joked that Schiavone had negotiated a lifetime contract, and the veteran commentator stated that his deal was up in 2024.

“That’s a f—- lie, unless my life ends by April of next year,” Schiavone said.

Thompson then noted that Schiavone is going to get a “bumpski”, regarding his pay, with his nest deal. Schiavone replied by stating that there’s no guarantee that the company will re-sign him.

“There is no guarantee that they’re gonna re-sign me,” Schiavone. “There’s no guarantee on that. That’s how I approach life. No guarantees. Klondike Bill told me one time, ‘the job is a day-to-day thing, Tony.’ That’s how I approach my life. The job is a day to day thing. That’s how I approach it.

When Thompson repeated that he believes Schiavone will get a bumpski, Tony replied by stating that he doesn’t need one, as he’s living a good life.

“I really don’t think so, but it doesn’t matter because I’m living a good life,” Schiavone said. “I don’t need a bumpski.”

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