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Court Bauer Says Guinness Book Of World Records Has Reached Out About Microman

Court Bauer knows how important Microman is to Major League Wrestling.

Major League Wrestling owner Court Bauer recently sat down with Lavie Margolin and John Poz on The Business of the Business to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if he was surprised by the popularity of Microman so far, Baurer said he sees Microman as the Baby Yoda of his company.

“The first time I saw him in Arena Mexico, I was like, oh, wait, hold up. Because I was a fan of his father. I was curious,” Court Bauer admitted. “I didn’t really know the story too much about the father, and then when I saw Microman… you go through all these TV meetings, whether I’m meeting with streaming partners or cable partners, and they’re like, ‘We’re all looking for our Mandalorian, with the big mission statement.’

“Virtually every network, every streaming service for the last three years, when The Mandalorian took off. When I saw Microman, I was like, that might be our Baby Yoda. From a marketing point of view, bringing in a new audience in terms of merchandise. He’s killing it on Hot Topics, and I think when his action figure drops, it’s gonna be great. He is kinda like Baby Yoda; he’s very shy. So he’s been unique.

“I think whenever you can offer fans something different they’re not gonna see everywhere else, for certain fans, I think it’s jarring. Like, ah, I don’t know, but damn, that’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of curiosity when you first see him, and then when you see him do his thing, it’s like, okay, you won me over. It’s different. I think variety in wrestling is always good to have that kind of thing.

“It’s not something you’re going to see on every day. You’ll see him in MLW, and he’ll do something crazy, whether it’s a Lucha match, doing trios stuff, or one-on-one. He’s been in a Dumpster Match. We’ve found unique ways to take Microman and do different things. I’m excited to see what we can do with him in the future. This is a guy that’s very; it’s kind of like he’s an inverted Andre the Giant. He’s very small, but so unique.

“We had the Guinness Book of World Records reach out, and they were like, we’d like to actually interview him. They actually have a very thorough process to see if you actually hit the benchmarks for a record. So we’re actually through a little bit of that now. I’m like, wow, they’re actually interviewing him and grilling him and doing measurements. We’ll see what happens with that, but he’s up for a world record.”

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, MLW COO Mister St. Laurent (aka MSL) spoke about how Microman won over fans.

“The way this whole Micro Mania thing started, when we go back a year or so, whatever it’s been where I made a public declaration. It was completely legitimate and sincere that I wanted to scout talent from all over the world. I wanted to find out who’s the best pound-for-pound guy that hasn’t been discovered yet,” he explained. “And I did; I went on trips, I went to independent shows. I went to international events, just trying to find a guy that the US hadn’t seen yet.

“And in my mind, it didn’t matter if it was a heavyweight. It didn’t matter if it was a middleweight. Who’s the best pound for pound? And then you have this ‘ta-da!’ moment. When you see Microman for the first time and its Baby Yoda come to real life. And sure, you have the initial shock factor when you see how genuinely small he is,” MSL noted. “Even compared to other mini wrestlers that there have been in the past.

“But I think what really sank everything for me was just how great he was in the ring. This guy is not a novelty wrestler. He’s the real deal,” he said. “He’s incredible. And so I think organically, at first, it was important to show that he can wrestle, show the fans that this is not a gimmick. He really just is an incredible wrestler that weighs 62 pounds.”

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