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Chad Gable Sees A Lot Of Beef In Maxxine Dupri’s Future

Chad Gable envisions a meaty future for Maxxine Dupri.

On the June 12 episode of WWE RAW, Dupri was seen training backstage with Gable and Gable. Dupri then shocked the crowd when she took Valhalla out with an arm drag during a singles match between Gable and Erik.

Speaking on RAW Talk, Maxxine Dupri commented on doing an arm drag on WWE RAW.

“I am so proud of myself,” Dupri said. “I must say, I did have a wonderful lesson today.”

Chad Gable interrupted Dupri and prepared her for the next step of her training, as he stated they would add some nutrition into the plan. He told Dupri that he saw a lot of beef in her future, and he told Otis to get some.

“You did okay, let’s not get carried away here,” Gable said. “Let’s just remember that behind every great athlete is an even better coach, and I’m the best in the world, baby. We’re gonna keep working on your technique because you got some things to fix up, okay? But this week, we’re gonna add into the mix a little bit of nutrition, and you know my philosophy. You eat pork, you fight like a pig. But you eat beef, you fight like a bull. And I see a lot of beef in your future. Otis, get the beef.”

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