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Angelina Love Recalls WWE’s Repeated Attempts To Bring Her To Its Main Roster

Angelina Love seemed destined to make a mark in WWE, until plans for her main roster debut kept falling through.

Prior to her return to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), Angelina Love spent nearly three years in developmental for WWE. Upon signing with the company in late 2004, Love was sent to Deep-South Wrestling to continue her training. As Love made her way through the developmental system, she received word that WWE was planning to bring her up to the main roster.

As Angelina Love recalls it, though, she was told that numerous times, and unfortunately, none of the plans ever fully panned out. During a recent interview with Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsCo, Love detailed some of the derailed attempts to debut her on the main roster.

“So, the first time, I tore my ACL training 10 days before I was supposed to debut [on RAW]. So that put me out, actually before I was even medically cleared, so that was in January ’06, I tore it. I had surgery on March 1,” she said.

“August, I was brought to SmackDown to possibly do something. I was placed in the crowd, and it was the first segment of the show. So, they were doing Velocity, dark match Velocity. That’s when Booker [T] was doing his King Booker thing and he knighted Finlay and [William] Regal in the ring. My segment was supposed to be next. Then I got pulled from the floor by the guy who sat me. He said that Vince [McMahon] rewrote the entire show as soon as it started, and my segment and the match that my segment was coming from were cut. He completely rewrote the whole show. Then it was like, ‘Well, we’ll probably have you back next week when we’re here,’ and then that never happened.”

After Love’s SmackDown aspirations were put on hold, she received another opportunity to make it happen. Unfortunately, Love would be released just five days before she could make her debut. “I had one more thing I was supposed to go up for. It was when they were doing ECW still. I was supposed to go on a Tuesday to SmackDown because they were doing ECW before Smackdown then, but then the Thursday prior, I got released,” she said.

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