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Photo Credit: WWE

Bron Breakker On Rick Steiner’s Transphobic Comments: That’s Not A Reflection Of Me

Bron Breakker was asked about the transphobic comments Rick Steiner allegedly made at the WrestleCon convention.

On April 1, IMPACT Wrestling star Gisele Shaw accused Steiner of making transphobic comments toward her at the WrestleCon convention. Shaw wrote she heard someone yelling, “You’re a man”, “you’re a dude,” “you’re a piece of trash,” and “you are fifth,” and it turned out to be Steiner, who didn’t stop when she approached him. These allegations were backed up by others who were in attendance.

Speaking with Phil Strum on Under the Ring, Breakker, Steiner’s son, was asked about the incident. (H/t Wrestling Junkie for the transcription.)

“Yeah, you know, I appreciate the question,” Breakker said. “I can’t speak for my father, but that’s not a reflection of me and who I am and what I’m about.”

The full interview will be available on Monday, June 19.

Breakker will challenge WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for the title on the June 20 episode of WWE NXT. Check out the card here.