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Delilah Doom Recalls Blockbuster Street Fight Against Cam Gates

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WrestleZones Ella Jay recently spoke with Delilah Doom, who was asked to recall some of the standout matches in her career thus far.

With the nickname of “The Queen of Aerobic Style,” Delilah Doom portrays a character inspired by the 1980s fitness craze, which included a focus on aerobic exercises. While she can occasionally bring out her darker side, Doom’s presentation is often complemented with a vast array of bright colors and a fun-loving attitude. With this in mind, Doom pinpointed the match that elicited the most amount of fun for her.

“That’s a lot because I love them all. Recently I had my Blockbuster Street Fight match, and I think that’s just going to top everything, mainly because I really put my heart into that match to just make it as much as me as possible. Cam Gates, who I wrestled, he’s so good. He’s a great character as well. He’s one of [Santino Bro’s] best heels.”

“And I just had so much fun because I got to just do whatever I want to make this a Blockbuster Street Fight. I got a door and I got to spray paint ‘Blockbuster.’ I got a bunch of Blockbuster signs and all these weapons that I want to turn all neon and 80s. There was no leash on me. I got to just make it me — make it as Blockbuster-y and as 80s, this was my stipulation match. I got to just do whatever I wanted. And so for that, I think that will just always go down as one of my favorites. It was so much fun to create.”

Doom continued on to identity two more matches that she’s particularly proud of. As an active competitor at Santino Bros Wrestling, Doom had to give some love to the southern California wrestling promotion.

“I recently wrestled Lucas Riley, who is from Santino Brothers. He was born in 1998, mind you. He’s so good, and he’s so young. He’s just going to get even more incredible. But I remember being super nervous for that match just because I’m not that youngin’ anymore, you know? And so, it was a really big challenge for me because he’s so quick, he’s so fast. I love that match. I usually get really embarrassed to go back — I watched my matches very [cringy], but after I watched, I was just so proud and just so happy with how it came out and that I stepped up to the challenge of Lucas Riley and kept up. We had amazing chemistry, and it was just a great match.”

A month before Doom defended her Inner City Championship against Lucas Riley, she put the title on the line against up-and-coming superstar, Johnnie Robbie. This January 2023 meeting came with an added bonus, though. At SBW Fight Night 5, Robbie and Doom became the first two women to battle over the same championship at a Santino Bros’ event.

“I recently wrestled Johnnie Robbie as well at Santino’s. That’s another one of my of my top favorites. She is so good. She’s like two years in, I think, and she’s an incredible superstar. I love working with her. That was the first time that we wrestled, and she’s great. I love that match as well. And I think it was the first time in Santino’s history that two women were wrestling for a title. So, we got to make history together too, so that was awesome.”

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