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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Satoshi Kojima Dreams Of Getting An Action Figure Of Bread (And Himself)

Satoshi Kojima has a simple request for toy companies.

Kojima is a legend in Japan, as he has competed for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH and All Japan Pro-Wrestling. He is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and won AJPW’s Triple Crown Championship, but now he has a new dream to achieve.

“[I] have a dream. I want to transform into an action figure in America,” Kojima wrote on Twitter. “If it becomes popular overseas, it is not impossible. Please lend me your strength. I want a figure of bread as well.”

Kojima tagged Ringside Collectibles in his post, and Jazwares’ CBO Jeremy Padawer seems to like the idea, so… look out for Bread Club 4 Life on shelves?

Satoshi Kojima competed against CM Punk in the first round of the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament at Forbidden Door. Kojima lost the match, and later apologized for accidentally elbow-dropping CM Punk in his cock.

Kojima previously explained his love for bread in an interview with the New Japan Pro-Wrestling website. Kojima said a simple Twitter exchange took on a life of its own, and now he loves bread more than ever.

“I like a lot of different foods, but bread has a special significance to me. Years ago I said on Twitter that I love bread, and that got picked up by the English speaking fans, and bread became even more important to me,” Kojima explained. “I felt like I need to eat more bread, and then I was able to. I need to eat more!”

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