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Al Snow Comments On Netflix/OVW Reports, Says New Project Is A Big Deal For Wrestling

Al Snow says OVW’s new project is going to be a big deal for the world of wrestling.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Al Snow and David Vox Mullen, stars of a new comedy special available now on Premier Streaming Network. During the chat, Snow addressed the rumors of OVW content streaming on a major platform like Netflix.

Fightful Select first reported that Netflix had filmed content for a reality-based show featuring OVW and its top talent. The rumored deal could allow Netflix to pick up OVW’s television rights, which could have major implications for the pro wrestling industry in general.

Snow wouldn’t confirm that Netflix was the streaming partner, but did say that this platform will be a big opportunity for everyone.

“We had a project last summer and there is a particular platform that it’s going to be coming out soon,” Al Snow said. “I can’t really elaborate more about it, but it concerns OVW and everything. I think it’s going to be cool and a very big deal for wrestling as a whole, and I think for OVW especially, it’s going to be fantastic.”

Outside of OVW and his comedy special, Snow is also involved in a comic book series centered around himself and Head. The former WWE Hardcore Champion explained how the stories stay true to the wrestling characters the fans know and love.

“With the comic book, we’ve got two titles, ‘The Ballad of Al Snow and Head,’ which is like a 40-page story, all self-contained. And then ‘The Adventures of Al Snow and Head,’ I have the team up with Chavo [Guerrero] and one with Jessie Godderz from Big Brother fame,” Snow explained. “Then here pretty soon, we’re going to release a team-up with Tommy Dreamer and one with Scotty 2 Hotty as well. The cool thing is that one, everyone thinks a wrestling comic book is all about wrestling, but it’s not. The one with Chavo was a Western and Chavo was riding Pepé the stick horse, and I’m running around with Head in the West. The one with Tommy Dreamer is set in the prohibition era with gangsters. The one with Scotty 2 Hotty is like an assassin-themed story.

“They’re all very true to the characters you see in wrestling, they’re just not centered around an arena with a ring in it. If people want to find out more, they can go to and check them out. ‘The Ballad’ is an individual story, and the very first issue was me thinking I’m a detective, I run a detective agency, and I overhear that a waitress in a post-apocalyptic world thinks that a guy stole her heart. I immediately take the case up to try and retrieve her heart when ‘stole her heart’ meaning she’s in love while I thought the guy actually stole her heart and try to find it,” Snow said.

“Then the second issue of ‘The Ballad,’ I’m a secret agent trying to infiltrate the North, which is Canada. They’re like the evil regime. In one of the big splash pages, I end up punching an old woman in the face. So it’s true to the character and there’s lots of little easter eggs in it, but the premise is that all of this happens inside my mental state inside my head. Some of the top names in the comic book world are working on it art-wise, lettering-wise, and coloring-wise. The work they’ve done on these things is amazing.”

Snow noted that he recently finished working on a supernatural western movie titled Unnatural, which has a pending release date.

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