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Jimmy Uso On His DUI Arrests: Push Through It, Learn From It, And Keep It Moving

Jimmy Uso wasn’t worried about his WWE future despite multiple DUI arrests in recent years.

Jey and Jimmy Uso recently sat down with Ariel Helwani of WWE on BT Sport to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his history of DUI arrests and if he was worried about them affecting his WWE career, Jimmy said he was never worried about it because everyone deals with their own issues outside of work.

“Oh no, I wasn’t, man,” Jimmy Uso said. “I always think when we show up to work, that’s what we’re there for. Everybody has their issues outside of work, and everybody’s human, and everybody makes their mistakes and as they go through it, as long as you face the noise, man, that’s something we always did even if we ever get in trouble or some; air it out. But we always stood right in front of our mess, in front of our noise. Push through it, learn from it, and then keep it moving. That’s just always been our way.”

Jey Uso chimed in and believes that The Usos‘ work in the ring reminds WWE why they keep them employed despite things that happen outside the company.

“We made them say, ‘Oh, this is why we keep them.’ Every time we stepped out, whatever happened the next night, we going out there and letting them know no matter what happens, this is why we keeping The Usos,” Jey Uso said. “Like my brother said, we face the noise, man. Always stand together, and it’s real hard because everybody got something to say today. You walk these shoes, Uce. They can’t. It takes special people to do what we do, and y’all just sit back and enjoy the show like the rest of the people.”

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