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Cody Rhodes: What John Cena Has Done With Make-A-Wish Is Absolutely Surreal

Cody Rhodes is honored to be part of the WWE’s Make-A-Wish efforts.

Speaking on Keyshawn, JWill & Max on ESPN Radio, Cody Rhodes discussed WWE’s work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“What WWE does with Make-A-Wish and the efforts that are made, in terms of, not just a specific superstar meeting a young kid, it’s the whole group,” Rhodes said. “WWE pretty much involves everyone, it’s kind of this whole gauntlet of ‘you meet this guy, you meet this guy, you do this, you do that, then you get to meet your Superstar.’ I am honored to be part of that.

“What John [Cena] has done in terms of number of wishes, surpassing even Michael Jordan, is absolutely surreal. To be in the same air, the same conversation, is really special because we list all those titles and all that wonderful stuff. The real stuff is something like what John has done in terms of Make-A-Wish and having a lasting impact and being able to do something special. It’s just an honor to be part of that group.”

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On the July 10 episode of WWE RAW, Rhodes challenged Brock Lesnar to face him at WWE SummerSlam. More information is available here.

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