Brock Lesnar Cody Rhodes WWE SummerSlam
Image Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar Accepts Cody Rhodes’ Challenge To Match At WWE SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes will meet for a third time at WWE SummerSlam, as “Lesnar “The Beast Incarnate” accepted Rhodes’ challenge to a rubber match.

During the July 17 episode of WWE RAW, Rhodes opened up the show by receiving a warm welcome from the crowd, including some “welcome home” chants from the crowd in Atlanta, Georgia. After talking a bit about his heated feud with Lesnar, Rhodes demanded that “The Beast Incarnate” come out to answer his challenge. When Lesnar didn’t appear, Rhodes sent a heart-felt message to his mom, who was sitting at ringside.

Rhodes eventually went over to hug his mother and family before Lesnar’s music hit. Cody immediately ran up the ramp to find Lesnar, but no one was there. As Rhodes turned away, Lesnar’s music hit again, but the former world champion was nowhere to be seen. After heading backstage, however, Rhodes was quickly sent flying back onto the ramp by Lesnar, who blindsided Cody with a vicious attack.

Lesnar kept attacking Cody, and though his family asked “The Beast” to stop, Brock continued. He dropped Cody with an F5 in front of his own mother before he trapped the fan-favorite in the Kimura Lock. Once Lesnar got Rhodes back in the ring, he told him that his challenge was accepted, and he would see him at SummerSlam.

Rhodes previously defeated Lesnar at WWE Backlash, while Lesnar scored a win of his own at WWE Night of Champions.

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