Chelsea Green Sonya Deville WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Crowned On 7/17 WWE RAW

New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions have been crowned, as Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville captured the titles on the July 17 episode of WWE RAW.

Deville and Green challenged Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan for the gold, and the champions were at a disadvantage after Raquel seemingly suffered an injury during a brawl with Rhea Ripley earlier in the show.

The two teams battled it out, and in the end, Green dropped Morgan with the Unprettier before Deville clinched the win with a running knee to the face.

The loss ended Morgan and Rodriguez’s second reign with the titles. They previously defeated Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler to win the gold at WWE SummerSlam. The victory marks the first title reigns for Deville and Green in WWE.

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage of WWE RAW:

As soon as the bell rings, Deville boots Morgan in the face. Green and Deville double suplex Morgan. Morgan manages to tag in Rodriguez. Rodriguez clears the ring while favoring her injured knee. Rodriguez misses a spear in the corner. Deville traps Rodriguez in a single-leg crab. Rodriguez struggles to get to the ropes. Morgan breaks up the hold. Rodriguez tags in Morgan.

Morgan hits Oblivion on Green. Deville breaks up Morgan’s pin with a vicious running knee strike. Deville pulls Rodriguez off the apron and chop blocks her. Morgan rolls up Green. Green kicks out, sending Morgan into the ropes. Deville nails Morgan. Green hits the Unprettiher. Morgan kicks out. Green hits another. Deville adds a running knee to Morgan’s head. Deville pins Morgan.

Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green!