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AJ Lee And CM Punk Featured In ‘Heels’ Season 2 Sneak Peek

Former WWE star AJ Mendez, formerly known as AJ Lee, will be in the second season of Heels. A sneak peek offers fans a preview of her character, Elle Dorado, on the show.

The second season of the STARZ series Heels will premiere on July 28. Lee will join the lineup of wrestlers who have appeared on the show. Her husband, CM Punk, played Ricky Rabies in the first season, and he will reprise the character.

Both Punk and Lee can seen in a sneak peek of the second season. The clip is available below.

Lee recently joined the cast of the road-trip comedy Sacramento. More information is available here.

Stephen Amell Spoke Highly Of AJ Lee After They Worked Together

Heels star Stephen Amell complimented AJ Lee after he had the chance to work with her. The former Arrow star joked that it was nice to have her around because CM Punk is so grouchy. In all seriousness, he highlighted Lee as a performer who delivered a great performance.

“Well, it was nice having her around because Phil is so grouchy all of the time. [laughs] No, it was wonderful having AJ around,” Stephen Amell said. “We’ve done a nice job of dipping into the wrestling pool a little bit with AJ, with Phil, Mick [Foley]. It’s fun.

“Look, wrestlers want to be actors, and actors want to be wrestlers; it’s a tale as old as time. It’s nice when we get them to come on, and it’s nice that they acquitted themselves so well. All three people that I’ve mentioned, they’ve thrown together some really great performances.”

Amell’s comments were part of a Heels roundtable with co-star Alexander Ludwig. The conversation featured a panel of: Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone.com, Jeremy Lambert of Fightful.com, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com and Brian Jones of PopCulture.com.

The roundtable can be seen below:

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