ROH Death Before Dishonor Athena Willow Nightingale
Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

Athena Retains ROH Women’s Championship At Death Before Dishonor

Athena and Willow Nightingale delivered a main event to remember to close Death Before Dishonor.

Despite Nightingale’s best efforts, Athena managed to win the match via referee stoppage after Willow passed out in the STF.

Check out a recap of the match from our ROH Death Before Dishonor results page:

ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

Athena slaps Willow’s hand away to start. Athena rolls out of the ring and paces. She gets back in and Willow takes control, backing Athena to the corner. They double dropkick each other and then break down into trading forearm strikes. Willow step up kicks Athena to the mat before hitting two suplexes. Athena counters with a backslide at first, but Willow gets a third suplex in with the cover.

On the apron, Athena shoves Willow into the post and then slams her on the apron. Back inside, Athena hits double knees in the corner, followed by an uppercut. Kick to the back and then a headlock. Willow gets back to her feet with clotheslines and then a spinebuster for a nearfall. They trade chest chops until Athena delivers kicks and a big forearm shot.

Athena with a single leg dropkick followed by a detonation kick. Willow manages to hit a crossbody off the apron and outside the ring. Athena dropkicks Willow into the steps. Back inside, Willow goes for a cover. Athena hits an enziguri but Willow rolls through the cover, lifting Athena up. Willow hits a Cross Rhodes like move, but kickout.

Willow hits a butterfly suplex for a nearfall. Athena plants Willow face-first, kickout. Willow hits another Cross Rhodes, no luck. Hip attack in the corner, but Athena evades and punches Willow. Athena hits Obliteration from the second rope. Athena hoists Willow up for a powerbomb, kick out. Athena goes up top, but Willow cuts her off. Willow puts Athena on her shoulders and drives her to the mat. Willow puts an arm over, but Athena kicks out.

They spill to the outside where Athena slams her on the floor. Athena connects with O Face in the ring, nearfall. The crowd comes unglued and Athena is in disbelief. Willow powerbombs Athena, kickout. Willow takes Athena to the top rope, attempts a gutwrench. Athena manages to punch Willow off of her and to the mat. Athena connects with O Face again and applies a crossface. Willow rolls back, Athena rolls through. Athena does an STF and Willow struggles. Willow doesn’t recover and the ref calls it.

Winner: Athena (c)