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Samoa Joe: Beating Up Captain America Has Helped Keep My Home In Order

Samoa Joe is set to star as Sweet Tooth in the upcoming Twisted Metal television series adaptation for Peacock. In it, he battles with Anthony Mackie, a moment Joe joked has helped him with his home life.

Speaking to Game Informer on the upcoming series, Joe was asked what it’s like to get to fight Mackie, who stars in the MCU as Falcon and as the new Captain America. Mackie will be featured as Cap in the 2024 film Captain America: Brave New World.

According to Samoa Joe, “beating up” Captain America has done him wonders at him, because he can now point to his kids and say he’s done it when he needs them to do chores.

“Oh, it’s great because I’m whipping him right, and then the whole time when I’m at home, my kids are with me, and I’ll say, ‘Do you see what daddy did to Captain America? So can you get that trash out?’ [laughs]. So you know, Anthony’s helped me keep my home in order, and I appreciate that,” said Joe. “He took some lumps for me, and it’s a little rough and tumble, but you know, Anthony, he’s a giving guy like that, he’s that type of dude. So I appreciate that.”

He’s A Doll

Samoa Joe’s Twisted Metal co-star Stephanie Beatriz recently spoke with WrestleZone* about working with him on the show. Beatriz put over how great he was at bringing Sweet Tooth to life.

“I love Joe, I think he’s a doll. He’s a really, really lovely person, like a great human, dad, husband. I think he’s absolutely fucking terrifying in that costume and mask,” she stated. “He puts that mask on and he just becomes Sweet Tooth. It’s horrifying and fantastic to see at the same time. You’re just watching this incredible transformation take place in front of you. There was a day where Anthony [Mackie, who plays John Doe], and I had a scene with Joe and he had to do this very physical, special effects thing with a big prop that was going to have to break.

“We only had two. Everyone on set is nervous that he’s not [going to make it work]. Joe gets up there, there’s a complicated camera move and Joe does everything perfectly the first time. Perfect. Perfect! He finishes, and everyone bursts into applause. Joe’s like, ‘Oh well, I messed up this little [part]…’ Joe’s such a fantastic perfectionist. He’s so good at what he does,” Beatriz added. “His physical presence just adds so much to the character. I think fans of the game are going to be so happy when they see how his character develops over the season.”

Twisted Metal premieres on July 27 on Peacock.

*This interview was recorded prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike