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AR Fox Reveals Who Got Him In The Door At AEW

It was a long journey for AR Fox to land a national spotlight with All Elite Wrestling.

All Elite Wrestling’s AR Fox was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio. When asked how he got started with the company, Fox credited Shawn Dean, who he had a hand in training at his school in Atlanta.

“How I got in there? Well, I trained Shawn Dean. I had a hand in training Shawn Dean; I wasn’t his original trainer,” AR Fox said. “He came to Atlanta, and I helped him out. Then I’m not quite exactly sure, but he reached some kind of position there. I know he helped with the extra work.”

Fox said Dean came into his school to give him a photo for the alumni wall and he asked him for a shot. Fox got his first opportunity as an extra when AEW came to Atlanta.

“And I started doing them on the road after that, flying myself to them and what I’ve been doing this whole time anyway. I was standing outside, showing up, waiting to see what I’m gonna get if I get anything. And I kept wondering because I maybe had like four matches at this point, I only had five minutes, but I was doing my biggest stuff. Taking risks and just really trying my hardest.

“So after like, my fifth or sixth match, I kept asking people, ‘Hey, man, like, how many times did you wrestle on Dark before you got signed?’ And some people were telling me less numbers than me. They’re like, ‘Oh, after like my third match.’ And I’m like, dang. But some people were saying a little longer. So I’m like, alright, I just got to keep going. I just got to keep going. But it was pretty costly for me to fly myself to follow, hoping to get on, but it was really just about six or seven. I did.

Fox’s Dynamite Debut

“And one day, I was watching AEW, and my head was down at the moment, but I heard my match was announced for Dynamite. So I already had bought my ticket for that Wednesday to do Dark. So I was watching AEW, just as a fan, and keeping up with everything. And when I put my head down, that’s when I found out about my debut. Then they offered me the contract after that, and I’m just trying to do whatever I can as much as I can.”

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