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Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch To Stand Trial For DUI Charges

Former WWE star Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is set to stand trial later this year.

In March 2022, Sytch was involved in a traffic incident in Ormond Beach, Florida, that resulted in the death of 75-year-old Julian LaFrancis Lasseter. She was then arrested on nine charges.

Per court documents obtained by PWInsider, Sytch will stand trial on one count of DUI causing death. The DUI Manslaughter charge is a felony in the third degree. She has also been charged with causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, a third-degree felony, four counts of DUI causing injury to a person, and three counts of DUI causing damage to property.

If convicted, Sytch could face up to 30 years in prison. The minimum sentence is four years, and she could also face up to $10,000 in fines.

Per Johnson, a sounding of the docket against Sytch is scheduled for August 16, and jury selection is scheduled for September 15. Sytch’s trial is scheduled to begin the week of September 18 and last one week.

Sytch previously pled guilty to the charges. More information is available here.

Bill DeMott Calls For WWE To Remove Tammy Sytch From Hall OF Fame

After Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s arrest, Bill DeMott called for WWE to remove her from the Hall of Fame. The former WCW and WWE star shared his thoughts on social media with the following post:

“When do we start holding people #accountable BEFORE they kill themselves or someone else? When do we decide as law makers and judges that we DO NOT get to decide who should and shouldn’t be punished? When do organizations speak up for EVERYONE not just influential cases? #WHEN”

WrestleZone will provide more information about Sytch’s trial as it becomes available.