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Kevin Owens Isn’t Sure He And Sami Zayn Are Living Up To Their Potential As Champions

Kevin Owens wants more for his current WWE Tag Title reign with Sami Zayn than they’re currently getting.

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champion Kevin Owens recently sat down with Ariel Helwani of TNT Sports. When asked if he thinks about the legacy of other tag teams that have held the titles before him, like The Hart Foundation, KO admitted he always tries to put things in perspective of what people have done before him.

“So for sure, anything we do, we kind of put in perspective of people that have done it before us. Whether it’s Bret Hart or anyone like that,” Kevin Owens said. “But for me, I mean, the most important part of this run, and I hate to say I don’t know if we’ve lived up to it just yet, and I don’t think that’s our fault. I think it’s just circumstantial in the way that chips fall sometimes.

“The Usos were an unbelievable — like, man, they’re just incredible. They really are. And they brought those titles like — and before them, The New Day worked so hard to make the titles count. And then The Usos did what they could to make these titles as big as they could. They made them the main event of WrestleMania.

“I wanted to follow up on that and keep that going. And I’m honest enough to say we’re not even on Money in the Bank. So I don’t know if we’re doing it right. And it’s certainly not for lack of effort and certainly not for a lack of us giving it everything we have. But I don’t know right now that the tag titles are as important as they were a few months ago, and that really bothers me.

“Hopefully, we get to fix that, but that was something I did worry about. That once we win these titles, I want to do right by them for everything that The Usos did for them. So yeah, there’s a sense of that in looking at the past and what people have accomplished with those things and wanting to make them, you know — I remember when I won the Intercontinental Title, Owen Hart, it’s the same title design that Owen had.

“Obviously, I love Owen Hart. Everybody knows that. So that was like a really important thing for me. I want to be a good Intercontinental Champion because it’s not just Owen Hart, Razor Ramon, all those guys that get synonymous with the title. You want to do them proud. It’s a weird thing, but it’s definitely something that’s in our mind, yeah.”

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