Triple H
Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H Responds To Elon Musk, Says He Knows A Thing Or Two About Making X Signs

Elon Musk jokingly chose WWE as his fighting style for a match against Mark Zuckerberg, and Triple H is ready to help.

After teasing that he would fight Zuckerberg using WWE style with a quote tweet of Jey Uso performing a splash on Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, Triple H reacted to the move. Quoting Musk’s tweet, Triple H joked that all Musk had to do was say the word, as he knows a thing or two about making an ‘X’ sign.

Things between Musk and Zuckerberg began on Twitter earlier this year, when Musk replied to a tweet noting Zuckerberg was in the process of building a social media site similar to Twitter. Musk jokingly noted that he was “up for a cage match” if Zuckerberg was.

The situation escalated when Zuckerberg later replied with an Instagram story. He shared Musk’s tweet with a caption that read “send me location” over it, indicating he was ready to fight. Musk also confirmed he would be willing to participate on Twitter, leading many to wonder if the pair actually want to fight or are just joking.

Elon Musk has also said that the fight will be live-streamed on Twitter, and all proceeds will go to charity for veterans.

AAA and NWA have offered to host the high-profile fight in the wrestling world. More information is available here. MLW CEO Court Bauer has also pitched having the match in MLW. Click here to see what he had to say.