The Miz
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Ric Flair: The Miz Really Cares For The Business, He Makes Everything Work

Ric Flair has a lot of respect for The Miz.

During a recent appearance on This Past Weekend with Theo Von, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair sang the praises of former WWE Champion The Miz.

“Oh, he’s a great kid,” Flair said. “He’s a guy that really cares for the business, man, and they shit on him when he started. They gave him a tough time and bullshit. The guys that bullied him, I have no time for that. He’s a wonderful kid. He’s made the most of it, and I’ll tell you the truth, whatever they hand him, he makes it work. Whatever they hand him, he goes [salutes]. He doesn’t complain. If he does, I’m not aware of it. And so damn respectful. He’s a great kid.”

Hulk Hogan is another legend that is impressed by what The Miz has done in pro wrestling. Hogan was a recent guest on Von’s show and said Miz is one of the few guys today that really gets the essence of pro wrestling.

“That brother is keeping this art form alive. Every time I see him, I tell him how much I love him for what he’s done,” Hogan explained. “Because he understands this business a lot more than most of the guys do. There’s probably two or three guys that I can pick out that understand that business. He’s one of them, and he gets it.”

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