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Kofi Kingston: Otis Reminds Me Of Big E, He’s Shown A Lot Of Range

Kofi Kingston sees some similarities between Otis and Big E.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Kingston was asked to share his thoughts on the Viking Rules match between the Viking Raiders and Alpha Academy on the July 17 episode of WWE RAW. Kofi highlighted Otis’ rise in recent months, noting how his personality is shining through.

“Man, what a match,” Kingston said. “I think that we in the locker room have all known how incredible Gable is, and Otis too. I think in the past two years or three years or so, Otis has really shown a lot of range, character-wise, personality-wise. He’s the kind of guy who can make you, he kind of reminds me of Big E a little bit in the sense that he can make you be very afraid of him, he can show off his grueling strength, but he can also make you laugh. He really has a lot of range.”

Kofi also praised Otis’ Alpha Academy teammates, Chad Gable and Maxxine Dupri. Kofi said that he’s glad Alpha Academy is getting a platform now, noting how they’ve all improved.

New Day vs. The Academy?

“Gable is just incredible on so many levels, as you would expect an Olympic gold medalist would be. But I’m so glad that they’re getting the chance to really display what they can do because there’s a lot of people on the roster who have so much talent and oftentimes don’t get the chance to display it, and a lot of people don’t know it. So I hope that the people realize how incredible Otis and Gable are.”

“Even Maxxine, too. Her coming among, I think their dynamic is amazing. She’s really embraced what’s been happening here. I mean, her career, even thus far, it’s kind of been all over the place, but she’s always able to kind of roll with the punches and make the best out of whatever she’s given. That’s really the key to being able to survive and thrive as a WWE Superstar. So I think that they really have a good thing going with the Alpha Academy, a great dynamic and great chemistry. So I’m excited to see what they can do. I’m excited to hopefully mix it up with them down the line. We’ll see what happens, but really happy for them.”

Academy Rules

WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Alpha Academy about the Viking Rules match they competed in.

Alpha Academy is done with the Viking Raiders (for now) but Chad Gable says it would have been fun if they competed in an “Academy Rules” match.

“My thought was after the ‘Viking Rules’ match, those morons wouldn’t leave us alone. I thought we were finally done with them. But if they wanted one more match, we would do an ‘Academy Rules’ match. It would be climbing the rope like in gym class and the winner would have to climb the rope and ring the bell. I think there’s big money in watching guys like Ivar and Otis climb a gym class rope. 

“The good news is I finished them last week, so now they’re done,” Maxxine Dupri added. 

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