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Sami Zayn Says He Has Been Battling Through Injuries, He’s Healthy Overall

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn says he has been dealing with some nagging injuries.

On the August 14 episode of WWE RAW, Michael Cole stated that Zayn had been diagnosed with traumatic olecranon bursitis. The update came after JD McDonagh attacked Zayn backstage the previous week. During the segment, fans noticed a gnarly bump on Zayn’s elbow. With a compression sleeve on his arm, he returned to the ring on the August 14 episode.

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Zayn discussed the status of his elbow, along with other issues.

“It’s not great,” Zayn said. “Actually, I’ve had a lot of issues I guess for a while that you’re just battling through. It’s funny, when I watch sports, like hockey players, especially in the playoffs, after the playoffs are done, I don’t know if this happens as much in other sports, but hockey’s particularly aggressive, and the schedule’s grueling and everything like that.

“So once the playoffs are done, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, this guy was playing through a broken sternum and three broken fingers and a cracked tibia,’ or whatever, all these insane injuries that they’re playing through. But as a fan and as a viewer, I’m just watching and I’m like, I just assume everything’s fine. But I’ve been battling a lot of little nagging injuries for some time, but nothing to the extent that would put me on the shelf.”

Sami Zayn Says He’s Pretty Healthy Overall

Sami Zayn continued by describing how the elbow is a nagging injury, but he is pretty healthy overall. He stated that his elbow is not great, but it will be okay.

“This is part of a nagging injury that’s just kind of gotten a little bit worse after this past week’s heinous attacks by JD McDonagh, for which there will be revenge. But yeah, there have been some little injuries. But knock on wood, thank god, I’m pretty healthy overall. You start to think about this stuff a little bit more as you get older and you’ve been doing it for 21 years. You’re like, ‘Oh, there’s definitely not another 21 on the backside of this.’

“So you’re definitely closer to the end than the beginning, so maintaining your health and addressing those injuries, I think that’ll become more important. I still managed to give you a long-winded answer to a very easy question. My elbow’s alright. It’ll be okay. It’s not great, but it will be okay.”

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