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Trent Beretta Reflects On Competing In Parking Lot Fight On AEW Rampage

Trent Beretta shares his thoughts on competing in Parking Lot Fights.

Beretta has been involved in two of the stipulation bouts. In September 2020, Best Friends battled Santana and Ortiz in AEW’s first Parking Lot Fight. The match returned on the August 4 episode of AEW Rampage. There, Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli defeated Beretta and Chuck Taylor.

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Beretta discussed competing in Parking Lot Fights.

“It’s just such a blast to do those matches,” Trent Beretta said. “I want to just be a garbage wrestler. I don’t, but to get to them once in a while is a treat.”

When asked to compare the differences in putting the two matches together, Beretta highlighted working with Moxley. He also stated that the stories were quite different as well.

“Mox is such a wild man. He’s such a unique man, I love him,” Beretta said. “But calling things with Mox, he doesn’t like to call as much as some guys, which is fine. There was more [improv] this time, but it wasn’t a crazy amount of improv. I know [with the first one], we were all trying to prove ourselves.

“Not that Claudio and Mox aren’t gonna try to go hard and have the absolute best match they can, but I guess the difference was also the story. Story-wise, the first time was, the good guys winning and driving away. This one ended with just murder.”

Trent Beretta Says Parking Lot Fights Are Fun

Trent Beretta went on to describe how Parking Lot Fights are fun. He also stated that they are easier to do than typical matches.

“They’re just so much fun because you can really do anything,” Beretta said. “Those matches are always way easier because you’re not blowing up. You just take giant bumps and lay around.

“Maybe I don’t want to say this, but I kinda thought it was easier than a top-rope bump. Do I want to talk about it being easy to bump on cars on this? I feel like the wheels having a little bit of give and then also the hood denting or s— like that, or maybe I was just kind of fired up because I knew I was bumping on a car.”

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