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The Miz On The 2.0 References To Other Wrestlers: It’s A Compliment Honestly

The Miz has been in professional wrestling for so long that newer stars are being compared to him.

WWE Superstar The Miz was a recent guest on Good Karma Wrestling. When asked about other wrestlers being referred to as “Miz 2.0,” The Hollywood A-Lister takes it as a compliment.

“I never thought that people would say, ‘Oh, this is just another Miz,'” The Miz said. “I never thought I would get to that level, where people would be like, ‘Oh, they’re just a knockoff, Miz 2.0.’ It’s a compliment honestly, and for that person that’s getting that, it’s a compliment to them honestly.”

When asked how surreal it is to think about everything he’s accomplished in WWE, Miz admitted he never thought he’d be where he is in his wildest dreams.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever be sitting here, 20 years into WWE, having won every title there is to win multiple times. If you had told me that as a kid, I would have laughed at you,” The Miz admitted. “I would have said no way, no how. In High School, I was like 120 pounds soaking wet. There’s just no possible way that’s going to happen.

The Miz reflects on his journey from the Real World To WWE

“Something happens in life. I think there are always these different roads you can take. My road, I will never forget, I was in my college fraternity, watching the Real World, and it said try out, and I was like I’m going to try out, even though everyone said no way are you going to make it. I still said I’m going to try out.

“Once I tried out and made it on to there, I realized, what do I want to do with my life? I can either go back to college and do that route, or I can go pursue something that I am truly passionate about and truly love. So, I decided to do that, and I learned the art of professional wrestling. Worked on the indies for like three years and worked my way up.”

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What do you make of The Miz’s comments? Did you ever expect that he’d be where he is in WWE in 2023? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.