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Jon Moxley Kisses Trent’s Mom, Orange Cassidy Gets The Win At AEW All In

Orange Cassidy picked up the win in a wild Stadium Stampede match at AEW All In.

At AEW All In, Cassidy, Eddie Kingston, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, and Pentz El Zero Miedo faced Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, Santana, and Ortiz) in a Stadium Stampede match.

The match turned into a bloody war that featured a number of eye-opening highlights. Cassidy got stabbed with a fork, Moxley got jabbed with skewers, and various other weapons came into play. In one highligjt, Sue, Trent’s mom, drove up in a van. Moxley kissed her, and Trent fought him off. Sue handed Trent a tray with cookies on it, and he turned it into a weapon.

Cassidy ultimately pinned Castagnoli with an Orange Punch after he covered his hand in broken glass.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play results:

A van drives out to the stage, and Sue is in the driver’s seat. Moxley kisses her, and Trent fires up. Sue hands him some cookies, and Trent dishes out some punishment with the cookie sheet. Penta, now dressed as Penta Oscuro, shows up. He takes the fight to Santana and hits a sunset flip powerbomb off a ladder and through a table.

Best Friends gang up on Yuta. Ortiz makes the save. Taylor spikes Yuta with the Awful Waffle. Moxley dives onto Taylor at ringside. Claudio sends Cassidy swinging. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift onto a pile of Lego pieces. Ortiz and Trent crash through a table with a superplex. Cassidy drills Claudio with three Orange Punches for a two count. Cassidy drives his hand into broken glass for a Orange Punch, but Moxley breaks it up. Cassidy DDTs Moxley onto the glass.

Claudio hits Cassidy with a deadlift European uppercut. Kingston storms back to the ring and dishes out punishment with a barbed wire wrapped chair.

Kingston drives Moxley with a wooden board. Cassidy hits Claudio with the Orange Punch for the win.

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