Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

MJF Is The Most Humble Guy In The World, Never Tries To Make It All About Himself

MJF says he’s not an attention seeker at all… but he wishes his mom would stop doing it.

AEW Champion MJF was asked if he loves his mother during the All In post-show media scrum.

“Fuck, that is a loaded question,” MJF began.

“I think she really… she’s kind of a bitch and she’s constantly — no offense, Mom. She’s in the room. She’s constantly trying to draw attention to herself and frankly, if there’s one thing about me, I’m a super humble guy,” he explained. “I never try to make it all about me.”

MJF said he’s not sure where the disconnect is because he’s not like that at all.

“I didn’t get that [quality] at all. I think we can all agree on that. I’m humble,” he stated. “I’m the most humble guy in the world. So I don’t understand her at all. The apple fell very far away from the tree and I just wish she would just stop making it about herself all of the time because I would never do that… By the way, World Champion. Main event, won tonight with my best friend. No big deal. Next question.”

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