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Photo Credit: Harley Cameron/Instagram

Cassie Lee: Harley Cameron Is Incredibly Talented, She Turns Everything To Gold

Cassie Lee has high praise for Harley Cameron.

Before signing with All Elite Wrestling, Harley Cameron spent much of her time training and working on the independent wrestling circuit. Outside of wrestling, Harley Cameron is also balancing a music career, which has occasionally crossed over into the wrestling world.

In 2021, Cameron released a song entitled “The IInspiration,” featuring the likes of Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, who are together known as The IIconics/The IInspiration. This track later became the entrance theme for The IInspiration during their run in IMPACT Wrestling.

Speaking with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Cassie Lee shared her thoughts on Cameron’s growing resume inside the wrestling world, which now includes a contract with AEW. In AEW, Harley Cameron finds herself aligned with the QTV faction.

“That’s cool to hear because she’s actually been training at Flatbacks for years,” Lee said. “And prior to her kind of doing those songs, she has been training. So she has been working a long time for the opportunity that she has now. I don’t often like to say I’m proud if I feel like I haven’t had a hand in someone’s success, but I’ve been right there with her along on her journey to get where she is.”

“I do feel pride for her, and I hope she feels that too, because she has just worked her little butt off. She’s so incredibly talented in everything that she does. She just turns it to gold. So, I’m really happy for her. And like you, I’m excited to see more and I’m excited for everyone to see her in the ring. She’s a star.”

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