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Love, Doug Recalls His ‘First Date’ With Jazz

Love, Doug has a lot of love for Bon Jovi to the point where he named his tag team after one of their songs.

Major League Wrestling‘s Love, Doug recently sat down with WrestleZone’s Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. When asked about getting to team up with Jazz, Doug said that happened during his first year in wrestling and considered it a first date of sorts.

“I was in a tag match with her, so for me, it was like a first date of somebody from the big wrestling world. She was my first date of somebody monumental, who meant something to me.

“Watching her at WrestleMania and to be able to have that opportunity of, ‘Woah, I was in love with you back then, I’m still in love with you, I can’t believe I’m actually going to get this moment.’ It was incredible to have the chance to woo her, I guess you could say.”

Shot Through the Heart

When asked if his tag team with TJ Crawford, Shot Through the Heart, is a reference to Bon Jovi, Doug confirmed that to be the case.

“I love that song,” Love, Doug said. “Shot Through The Heart, the name came from TJ Crawford, who is the Silver Sniper. I’m Love, Doug. I’m the heart he’s giving the shot through. That’s really where we derived it from and, yes, a secret obsession with Bon Jovi from the both of us. Everyone has some kind of connection or love for that song. If they love to hate it, then okay, it still counts.”

When asked what other musical artists he’s a big fan of, Doug went with Ol’ Blue Eyes.

“Probably Frank Sinatra,” Doug said. “I’m a big fan, obviously, with my character as Love, Doug, but that’s also something that I am truly in love with is that kind of music that just gets me into the, ‘let’s fall in love.'”

You can check out our full interview with Love, Doug in the embedded video below.

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