Mustafa Ali WWE NXT
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Mustafa Ali Apologizes To Fans For His Absence From WWE Superstar Spectacle

Mustafa Ali comments on his absence from WWE Superstar Spectacle.

The September 8 event marked WWE’s first show in India since 2017. The show featured multiple Indian stars, including Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky. However, Ali was conspicuous by his absence. Ali is of Pakistani and Indian descent, and many fans predicted that he would get a spot on the card.

Ali responded to a tweet that commented on his absence. He apologized to the fans and stated that he would have loved to show that a man from Pakistan and India could bring the two countries together.

“My apologies to all the fans in India,” Mustafa Ali wrote. “Would have loved to perform there. With all the tension that exists between Pakistan and India, I would have loved to shown that a man from both countries can bring us together.”

As of this writing, there is on word on why Ali was absent from WWE Superstar Spectacle

Mustafa Ali Will Compete At NXT No Mercy

Fans will have the chance to see Mustafa Ali at NXT No Mercy on September 30. There, he will challenge Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American Championship. More information is available here.