tim storm
Photo Credit: NWA

Tim Storm Wants To Work Full-Time For NWA

Tim Storm would like his long-term future to be with the NWA instead of inside a classroom.

Tim Storm is a former NWA World Champion, but today, he is mainly known for being an analyst for the NWA. Storm is hopeful for a future where he can work full-time for the National Wrestling Alliance, whether on the headset or behind the scenes as an agent.

During an interview with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling, he recently explained his desire to work in pro wrestling full-time.

“Yes, to all that (if he could see himself transitioning to a backstage role),” he said. “There’s been lots of discussion off and on because I don’t know, I don’t know how long this has been now. Five or six years? It’s been discussed about Talent Relations. Pat Kenney’s there now. He does a fantastic job. I’ve agented a few matches, but now if you say, okay, well look who we have agenting matches, we’re not talking about good wrestlers. We’re talking about wrestling legends. Homicide, Madusa has been there, Jazz, who should be in the Hall of Fame.

“I work with her for another organization, and I agent matches with that one, but I learn from her every time,” he continued. “She should be in the Hall of Fame, and she may be the baddest — you know her catch line, but she was one of the baddest women in wrestling for a long time… When you look at those people… I don’t fit into those categories. Someday, maybe. I’m going to keep learning. I watched those guys, and I saw Homicide handle a situation one day, and I walked over, and I went, ‘Could you walk me through that?’ It wasn’t a wrestling thing. How did you handle that diplomatically without — so I’m always learning and don’t fit into that category yet. But I’ll keep working at it, and maybe at some point, but, yeah, I would do anything.”

Storm most recently wrestled at NWA 75, losing to Jax Dane by referee stoppage. Although there was initial concern for his health, Storm left the ring that night under his power.

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