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Trish Stratus Felt ‘The Most Dialed In’ During Steel Cage Match Against Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus discusses her steel cage match against Becky Lynch.

During a rare appearance on GAW TV, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus broke down her WWE Payback match against “The Man.”

“I spoke to Fit [Finlay] after the match as well, it was almost like repping our generation, you know what I mean? It was almost like, ‘Ahem,’ for our generation. I know my whole platform has been like, ‘I did it, everyone look at me.’ But obviously, there’s a ‘we’ in there. So it’s something that ‘we’ all did as a foundation we all laid. It felt like a giant nod to it. That’s what I wanted it to be like.”

Regarding her mindset going into the bout, Stratus knew that it was a huge opportunity despite some of the fanbase feeling like the story had gone on too long.

“This was huge for me,” Stratus said. “Knowing what we had dealt with as far as our storylines and people were going, ‘This storyline’s still going?’ I’m like, ‘Please.’ It’s funny, Mickie, because I think there was a bit of that, ‘This story is dragging,’ but booking is booking.”

What’s The Engagement?

Stratus continued, “Back in the day we didn’t have the luxury or not-luxury of the internet as much of a tool that you would read after your stuff. Could you imagine, ‘Ugh, what’s this Jack angle? Is this thing ever going to end?’ We didn’t have to deal with that. And this was always my gauge — what’s the fan engagement? What is the audience doing? How are they reacting?

“I just knew at the end of the day we had to deliver. This was going to be the end button, this was going to be it. This was going to sum up all of this work and all of this story, and we just wanted to kill it. Yeah, I would say we did. It felt like it. It felt good.

“It’s funny because I’ve been back for six months, right. It’s been since February that I came back, and I felt the most dialed in. That is such a great place to be where you’re just home. And you guys know it, you’re just home. I felt comfortable, I heard the audience, I saw the audience. I felt everything. It just felt so good and dialed in. I attribute that to the character development, and the storyline, and where we were in this story, and what it meant for fans to go on this journey with us.”

Stratus also called her hanging from the top of the cage spot “playground stuff.”

“Let’s just say I stepped into a cage at one point and I was like, ‘Okay, what can we do,'” Stratus said. “I just knew as soon as I sat on the top, I knew that this was playground stuff. I knew I could hook my feet under and do a little thing, and so I did, and there was a large gasp around me. ‘This was the reaction I was going for. Perfect.'”

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