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Pat McAfee Says He’s ‘Very Confident’ He Will Work With Michael Cole Again

Pat McAfee is a fan of the new Michael Cole, and he’s hopeful they’ll get to work together again.

McAfee and Cole formed a fan-favorite duo during their time together on WWE SmackDown. When McAfee joined “College GameDay” in September 2022, he noted that his WWE duties were on hold. Since then, Cole has somewhat loosened up on commentary. McAfee made his return on the September 15 episode of SmackDown, and he spoke with Kayla Braxton after the show.

During a SmackDown Exclusive, Pat McAfee shared his thoughts on the “Casual Cole” that has been generating buzz in recent months.

“I love it. A little punditry out of Cole,” Pat McAfee said. “He always has to be the buttoned-up guy doing the play-by-play which he’s the greatest of all time bar none. I understand this conversation for some other people, but they haven’t been paying attention close enough. What Michael Cole has done throughout his career at the WWE is second to none. But yeah, now he’s got a little attitude, a little spice, a little personality. He looks thin too. You see how thin he looks? He looks unbelievable.

“But yeah, I’m incredibly lucky that I get to work with Michael Cole. And I am still very confident that it will happen again.”

Michael Cole has made it clear that he wants another run with McAfee. Check out his comments here.

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