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Rhea Ripley Whispers ‘Pretty Spicy Stuff’ In Dominik Mysterio’s Ear

The on-screen relationship between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio has taken the internet by storm. Ripley recently opened up about her relationship with Rey Mysterio’s son.

Dominik Mysterio became the most hated WWE Superstar when he turned on his father and Edge at the Clash At The Castle Premium Live Event. Since then, he joined The Judgment Day and has received deafening boos in every arena he enters.

The behavior of the Eradicator and Dirty Dom does give the viewers the idea that the two are romantically involved.

For a long time, there has been one major question that to date has been left unanswered. That is, what is Mami whispering in Dirty Dom’s ear? Recently, Rhea Ripley was interviewed by Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling. When Mami was asked to put the people out of their misery, she still refuses to reveal what she whispers to Dominik Mysterio.

Mami didn’t give exact details, but she revealed that it is certainly some ‘spicy’ stuff.

“That’s our little secret. I can’t tell you guys, then the secret is out of the bag. And then people won’t talk about it anymore. But, it’s pretty spicy stuff,” Rhea Ripley said.

Rhea Ripley named her dream male opponents

During the same interview, the WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Champion revealed that she would love to compete with top stars such as Rey Mysterio and Edge.

“I got a lot of male dream opponents. Obviously, I would love to beat some sense into Dom’s deadbeat father; I think me versus Rey Mysterio would be absolutely amazing, and I would put him in his place. Then there’s also an Edge. I would love to face Edge. He was the leader of The Judgment Day at one point, and Mami don’t like getting bossed around by anyone. I don’t like feeling like I have someone in charge. That’s why The Judgment Day works so well now, so I still have a lot of pent-up aggression against Edge that I would love to get out.”

This past week on Raw, Ripley successfully defended her title only to be beaten up moments after by the returning Nia Jax.

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