hollyhood haley j
Photo Credit: William Fleming / 2XW Photography

HollyHood Haley J Reveals How She Got Her Ring Name

Currently, Ohio Valley Wrestling is gaining a lot of traction. It is all thanks to the Netflix docuseries Wrestlers. One of the stars featured on the show is HollyHood Haley J.

Wrestlers is a show that revolves around the life of the talent at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). This is a developmental promotion of WWE.

According to Haley J, her persona is “kind of bougie and kind of ghetto.” She is a second-generation wrestler. Her mother is a wrestler named The Amazing Maria, aka Maria James.

Netflix caught up with all the stars that are part of the docuseries to give the fans a little more insight into the talent featured on Wrestlers. They also explored the reason behind how HollyHood Haley J’s got her name.

“I originally wanted to be Hollywood Haley J, because I have it tatted on my chest, and Hollywood was my nickname in high school. Then we did a show, and at the meeting we always have after the show [wrestler] Ian Rotten was like, “By the way, you’re not bougie enough to be Hollywood. You’re way too ghetto for that,” HollyHood Haley J said.

She also discussed what her goals in professional wrestling are. Haley J revealed that she wants to make it big in WWE.

“I’m going to go to WWE and become top dog there. That’s my plan. It’s always been my plan. This is helping me learn, it’s my stepping stone. My goal is to go to WWE and become the face of the place. I give it about three years. Give me the opportunity and I’ll be there.”

Wrestling veteran Al-Snow recently opened up about the Netflix show. He was a little reluctant about the series.

If you have watched the series do share your thoughts on the show.