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Don Callis Says The AEW Locker Room Is The Best He’s Ever Been In

Don Callis has high praise for the AEW locker room and his boss Tony Khan.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Don Callis was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio. When asked what makes AEW different than any other company he’s been part of, Callis said that it has the best locker room and the best boss he’s ever had in the industry.

“Anytime anyone ever says anything in the back, see a young guy with a long face. I’ll say, ‘You know what, let me tell you a little story about some of the locker rooms I’ve been in. And some of the places that I’ve been because you and I came up in a very different time.’ This is, without a doubt, the best wrestling locker room I’ve ever been in,” Don Callis said. “Tony Khan is the best wrestling boss I’ve ever had.

“I prefer not to have a boss, but here’s the great thing about wrestling. When you’re as good as I am at this stuff, you really don’t have a boss. You dictate to the boss; you know how that goes. So it’s such a great environment. And people say oh, it’s nice to have creative freedom.

“To me, that just means I get to be me, and I get to do whatever I want to do and not get in trouble for it, not get arrested for it, not get locked up in an asylum for it. Because that’s what would’ve happened to someone like me 50 years ago.”

Don Callis doesn’t observe Tony Khan’s birthday

When asked if he bought anything for Tony Khan’s birthday today, Callis said he doesn’t observe birthdays.

“I don’t observe birthdays,” Don Callis said. “I don’t observe birthdays of employees. Quote unquote friends. I don’t observe birthdays of children. I think it’s a manufactured holiday to make money, and if I can’t make money off of it, I’m not interested in talking about it.”

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