Alex Kane
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Alex Kane Believes MLW Is Like The UFC Meets Professional Wrestling

Alex Kane believes that Major League Wrestling offers fans things that no other wrestling company is doing.

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane recently sat down with MuscleManMalcolm. When asked how it feels to be champion, Kane said it hasn’t fully hit him yet, but he’ll get used to it eventually.

“You know, it’s cool,” Alex Kane said. “It’s hit me in ways, but otherwise, it hasn’t hit me. Like when people like bring me in [to an independent show], they’re thanking me for being there. I was like, I’m just a dude, bro. I’m just a guy. I’m just a guy who’s good at wrestling. But I’ll get used to it; it just won’t be right now.”

Alex Kane on what sets MLW apart

When asked what makes Major League Wrestling different from other companies, Kane said he believes they are like UFC meets professional wrestling.

“I always say that MLW is like the UFC meets professional wrestling,” Alex Kane said. “Just by the way that it is presented, the way that it looks. It doesn’t look like anything else going on in professional wrestling today. So it’s really off the cuff a lot of times. It’s a lot of fun.

“There’s a bunch of different characters, and no two characters are the same. There’s a lot of rich story. And there’s something I feel like to get into for everybody. Like we have all of the styles that you can think of, and these styles clash at every single MLW show.

“You got hardcore wrestling. You got super heavyweights like Jacob Fatu; you got a stellar Featherweight division with Delmi Exo leading the head of that. Tiara James, B3CCA, Zayda Steel is in there. I don’t know if she’s signed, but she’s been there a few times. I’ve enjoyed her work.

“It’s the game’s best-kept secret. I can really say that. And you got the Bomaye Fight Club, which is for the people, and it’s a great time every time we’re in the building. So if you don’t want to watch MLW for nothing else, watch it for us.”

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