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Mick Foley Developed A Crush On Janice From Friends During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Mick Foley had an interesting way of keeping himself entertained during the pandemic.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was a recent guest on Hot Ones. When asked about his favorite Hallmark Christmas movie, Christmas At Pemberley Manor, Foley said it likely stems from a crush he had on actress Jessica Lowndes during the pandemic.

“I’m going to be honest; it was a good movie. I think I had a pandemic crush going on on Jessica Lowndes,” Mick Foley revealed. “I did like it. It was a really good story. But it’s all about the chemistry, right? I don’t watch them as much as I used to.

“I just think, in retrospect, maybe Finding Father Christmas was the better movie. We all had those pandemic crushes, right? Some people turn to drinking, I went with long-distance crushes. I went from Jessica Lowndes to Janice from Friends.”

Mick Foley wanted his own Janice t-shirt

Foley went on to reveal that at one point, he wanted to get his own Janice shirt made through Pro Wrestling Tees, and that’s when he realized he had been indoors for far too long.

“When she goes, oh my god, I go oh my god. I love you, Janice,” Mick Foley said. “If you’re out there, Maggie Wheeler and she did a Cameo for me that was dynamite. So yeah, I wanted to have my own Janice shirt made because I can do that through Pro Wrestling Tees. With a shirt that says oh my god. So that’s when you know you’ve been indoors too long when you start yearning for Janice from Friends.”

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