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Marty Jannetty Claims Hulk Hogan Had A Gumball Machine Full Of Drugs At His Front Door

Marty Jannetty is quite the storyteller.

Jannetty recently spoke with Steve Fall for about his pro wrestling career. During the conversation, Jannetty was asked about his relationship with Hulk Hogan. The former Rocker said he loved Hulk and had fond memories of some of the parties he would throw.

“Loved him. I loved him. He’s a great guy. Great guy, great guy. Yeah. He would throw parties, oh my God. The parties he would throw, he would — for the Florida boys. He would invite everybody, but he would invite all the Florida boys, which I was at the time, even though the [University of Florida] Gators are suckin’ right now. He would have — we’d go out on this, it was pretty big, it was three levels — a ship, because he lives in Tampa Bay. Or it was one of his places, but he would always invite us.

Party Marty time

What is at a Hulk Hogan party, you might ask?

“Food, drinks — I’m not going to say the drugs part. [giggles] Food, drinks, and when I say drinks, you know what I’m talking about,” Jannetty noted, before going on to tell the drugs part anyway.

“Hey, let me tell you this happened one time. One time, and don’t get mad at me, Hulkie, I’m sorry, brother. He had — when you walked in the front door, you know them gumball machines? It was mixed drugs,” Jannetty explained. “And you turn it and take whatever comes out. [laughs]

“That’s how [the party] starts. [laughs] It’s right there. When you’d walk in the front door, let’s do that. And 3, 4, 5 pills would fall out, he added. “That’s how you start it.”

It’s worth mentioning that Marty Jannetty once told a story about how he “made a man disappear.” The police ultimately got involved, and Jannetty later admitted that he was doing a wrestling angle. (The payoff to that angle was unclear…)

Since then, Jannetty has had reconstructive ankle surgery. He recently said he has no plans to return to the ring.

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