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Baron Corbin Read For A Part In Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving

For a long time in his professional wrestling career, Baron Corbin had been the most hated person on the planet. Now, it seems like Dominik Mysterio has taken that spot. Despite that, The Lone Wolf still enjoys playing the heel, even if he is cheered by fans. Corbin recently revealed that he wants to play a major role in a horror film.

The Lone Wolf is a veteran in the wrestling business. In a recent interview on the Johnny Dare Morning Show, Corbin shared that he was considered to be part of Eli Roth’s new horror film.

“I got to read for Eli Roth’s new movie coming out Thanksgiving, that horror movie. I didn’t get the role, so they gave it to somebody else. But that would have been so cool. That would’ve been the first one. It will happen… And he’s the one that threw my name to his movie, and he messaged me on Instagram, ‘Hey I want to have you read for this part.’ And so, he put… he put me up for it. So it was awesome,” Baron Corbin said.

A Lifelong Goal

Corbin claims that it’s his lifetime goal to be in a horror movie, especially a film directed by Roth.

“I think so, I think it’s a must. It would be a life goal to hang out and do a movie with him for sure. And I get to talk about Tom Savini here and there. Going through all his horror stuff. The things he made. It’s just such fun conversations. Because it is weird. And if you are someone who gets to sit next to Savini, it’s like, ‘What the hell are these two guys talking about?’”

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